Mesmerizing Muutos takes its form from traditional glass-blowing shapes and modernizes that grace for a feel that is fluid yet tactil. The subtle beauty and gentle reflections come courtesy of Preciosa masters who hand blow every piece.

Muutos celebrates capacity for organic forms in crystal. The basis for the design stems from hundred-year-old wooden moulds, used historically in glass blowing. Each Muutos piece is hand-blown by Preciosa masters, and together with further modern techniques, the overall result is one of enchanting, subtle beauty. Whether a stand-alone centre piece or a collection, Muutos creates a sense of fluidity, rippling with gentle reflections and changes in tone and depth of colour, bringing tactility and wonder to any space.

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Dimensions18 x 31 cm
Weight2 Kg
Wattage6 W
Light sources1 x E14 LED
Lamp shades
VAT excluded

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